Meet Skullgirls’ Parasoul (Oh, And Skullgirls Has Been Delayed)

Meet Skullgirls’ Parasoul (Oh, And Skullgirls Has Been Delayed)

See the newest cast member of the (currently) all-female 2D fighter Skullgirls in action. This is Parasoul, part-time princess, part-time commander of an elite squad of commandos. Sure, maybe she should dress more sensibly for the fight, but maybe some risque girl-on-girl brawling will help ease the pain of Skullgirls‘ delay to 2012.

Reverge Labs, developer of the downloadable fighting game, explains that Skullgirls has been pushed out of 2011 and into early next year to give the fighting game a bit more polish. What does that really mean? They’re making the game 10 per cent faster, adding 3D stage backgrounds, custom soundtracks for the PlayStation 3 version, more music from composer Michiru Yamane and much more.

Delays are usually a bummer, but Skullgirls slipping at least gives us some time to get Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Tekken Hybrid out of our systems.

Additional details on the game’s added features at Skullgirls‘ official site.

Skullgirls Launching in Early 2012 [Skullgirls]


    • See, I think it’s got some charm to it. It’s a downloadable title from an indie developer, not an A grade fighter like Tekken or Blaz Blue. Sure, they’re all fighting games, but I don’t think you can necessarily compare them.

  • It looks like Arcana Heart mixed with Blazblue, which is definitely a good thing. I don’t think it will sell very well, but I think the game looks amazing.

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