Meet The Most Beautiful PS3 Of Them All

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli's Ni no Kuni may well be one of the prettiest games on the PS3 when it's released, so it's only fitting that its special edition console is just as easy on the eyes.

This limited edition machine, which will be out on November 17 in Japan, will include a 160GB HDD PS3 in this fetching pearl-and-gold colour scheme and a copy of the game (which is, when purchased alone, crazy expensive). Even the controller has been done up to match.

It'll retail for ¥33,780 (USD$440)



    I hope we'll get that game one day...

    (and the DS version too)

    FFXIII white and pink PS3 still takes the cake.

    I like the black one better.
    The white/cream one looks like chocolate.

    Reminds me of buying the N64 w/gold controller and using it to play OOT (in a gold cartridge, of course). Managed to use that controller to death without the colour ever fading, so I reckon this should retain its good looks.

    *shrug* already have a PS3 (launch JP model, baby!) but this one does look nice.

    I think I'd want to see this in real life - the photo tells me 'pretty', but I suspect in the wrong lighting it would look suspiciously beige.

    Black FTW

    i still prefer the old 'phat' PS3 model. I wish I bought one of those grey/brown/metallic special MGS4 edition ones.

    Or $1000 if you're in Australia, just because.

    That... doesn't look so flash, but as we know japan likes things that look horrible, cause it's art.

    Looks like the paint job on my Dad's Lexus.

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