Metal Gear And Zone Of The Enders Fans, This Is For You

Konami's TGS booth in 2011 is boring. So boring, in fact, it's not even worth a gallery. But there's someting tucked away inside that is: this fancy Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders swag.

As far as the action figures go, we've seen some before, while for others this is the first look we're getting at the finished product. And as far as those special editions of the HD Metal Gear re-releases go, well... the PS3 is region-free, after all!


    Definitely do want those action figures.

    Definitely want all of the above

    Anubis look's amazing! We really need Z.O.E 3 on xbox360/PS3 stat!

    I've miraculously only played MGS1 and some of ZOE 1 (my friend's copy for each). I may well have to get these collections when they're released (and MGS Twin Snakes).

    I can only hope the inside of the cover image for the western MGS collection release has something that awesome on it... We always get the crap boxart...

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