Metal Gear Solid, Zone Of The Enders HD Collections Coming To Vita Too

And the ports just keep on coming! PlayStation Vita owners will have even more high-def versions of classic games to play on the go as Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that the previously announced Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD collections will also come to Vita.

Those games are said to use the "Transfarring" system, meaning players can enjoy playing high-def versions of PlayStation 2 iterations of Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders on their PS3, then pick up the game on their Vita.

Kojima Productions will bring those HD collections to Vita sometime in 2012.


    Definitely buying PSV now.

    Geez... they're not really putting a foot wrong with the PSV so far. This has got to be the smoothest product announcement/launch Sony have had in a long, long time.

    Oh well, I guess they've still got about 3 months left to find a way to royally screw it up :P

      Thank god you didn't watch the press release then. While I was happy with the title announcements (100 titles released by the time the PSV is sold here apparently, and 28 launch titles in Japan), the conference was horrible. Boring, awkward and lack of trailers. Thankfully there is going to be a keynote tomorrow I think but it was still pretty disheartening especially after the Nintendo conference.

        What? All I heard was bitching about how nothing happened at the Nintendo conference, that it was basically just a slide show.

    I'm still surprised they're not including MGS 1 with the HD collection.

    So does that mean you have to buy it twice? One for the PS3, another for PS Vita?

      I think it means, if you buy one and you have both consoles, you get the other.

    I hope the whole (MGS) games are reworked using the original raw graphics (which were probably downgraded to save space) rather than just upscaling what was left in the final PS2 game.

    YES. Someone has been sneaking into my most intimate of fantasies and taking notes, I see.

    Jesus, I hate how they're milking MGS. I mean it's great that people get to play it, but there's been what, 3 different forms of the SAME collection for the last 4 or so years ever since MGS4. It's freakin crazy. And I thought Call of Duty and Nintendo re-releases were bad. Surely this is all Konami's doing, since they have like, nothing else to release.

    Also, yeah, this was announced when the collection was announced. This is not news. The whole point of transfarring was Vita support you twats.

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