Michelle Rodriguez Is Right As Rain In Resident Evil: Retribution

The tough-as-nails Rain Ocampo might have met her grisly end in the first Resident Evil flick, but that's nothing a few flashbacks can't fix in next year's Resident Evil: Retribution.

The fifth entry in Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil film series is getting the old gang back together. Not only is Jill Valentine returning and actor Shawn Roberts making a cameo appearance as Albert Wesker, the film will also reunite the dream team of Anderson's wife Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, reprising her Rain Ocampo role from the first film.

Rain didn't fare too well in the original movie, winding up a freshly-turned zombie with a bullet in the brain pan, but all things are possible in flashback land. Who knows, maybe this will bring about another Jovovich / Rodriguez DVD commentary track for me to listen to while stabbing myself repeatedly in the ear with an ice pick.

Michelle Rodriguez Returning for Some 'Retribution'! [Bloody Disgusting]


    This has NOTHING to do with videogames.

    Its a spin off from a game, get over yourself.

    wait, but she got a bullet in her forehead instantly after turning into a zombie! Unless it's before she's zombified (which it doesn't look it) then this is impossible, especially in the RE universe...not that these films follow the RE universe. I was going to say anymore, but they never really followed it in the first place did they, at least not past the first one.

      That's a shot from the first film, after she'd been bitten but before she was killed.

    Alice has chemically induced amnesia(!) in the first one. This will be set before number one, when she is working for umbrella.

    How they work in someone who doesn't meet that character until they are in the mansion, I guess we shall find out.

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