Mick And Mack, The McFeast And Shakers Fries

Mick And Mack, The McFeast And Shakers Fries

McDonalds is bringing it back — the McFeast and shaker fries — the old Aussie staple. But the whole retro thing got us remembering an old school 1992 game that featured Ronald McDonald… Mick and Mack Global Gladiators. Here it is in action.

They say that memories are often triggered by smells, but this time round it appears to have been triggered by beef…

Mmmmm. The McFeast — tastes like… nostalgia!


  • idk if anybody else has noticed but every time maccas brings back the McFeast they get the sauce wrong 🙁 it’s just not the same. #LamentForTheMcFeast

  • Dear kotaku, please refrain from posting advertisements in this manner. When I have to actively pay attention to filter out what’s a genuine article and what is an ad disguised as an article it affects the apparent integrity of your news site. Surely there are more transparent methods through which you can advertise to your readers. It feels condesending to have articles like this posted amongst genuine news.

    For the record, I’m viewing on iPhone and the only transparent indicator that this article is an ad is the “categories” and “tags” fields at te bottom for the story.

    People read kotaku Australia because it is written with a degree of intelligence an respect for the community it serves. I find that advertisements in this manner diminish these aspects of the sites reputation and personally i find them distasteful.

    • You know I’m on iPhone now and I agree. On the regular site I’m sure it looks different but not on here. Fair point mate.

  • I had this game for the master system and it was a genuinely good platformer. Burnt loads of hours playing it as a kid.

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