Microsoft Thinking About Windows Phone 'Control Pads'

A patent filing made public last week (but first filed in 2010) shows that Microsoft is at least thinking about making its Windows line of mobile phones a little easier to game on.

The patent is for a mobile phone that looks like Sony's Xperia Play, with a slide-out design. Interestingly, the patent is focusing on the idea that the part sliding out is interchangeable, so it can be a keyboard or, for gaming purposes, a control pad arrangement.

Given Windows phones are the third wheel in the mobile gaming space behind Android and iOS, it's understandable Microsoft would be at least looking at ways to improve their, well, game.

But I can't help but thinking it would be a half-arsed competitor to Sony's half-arsed Xperia Play. What Microsoft would need to compete in the mobile gaming space would be a serious Vita competitor (something it's understandably been reluctant to do) and not a gimmick phone.

But remember, this being a patent application, that's all it is: thinking. It's not a product reveal, nor a definitive statement of intent.



    I love my windows phone, and I think this is a pretty neat idea.

    It may be behind iOS and android, but it's still a very clean, organized, and interesting platform that I hope picks up.

    ugh, sleek looking wp7 phone with shoulder buttons and a slide out game pad and a gameboy emulator is definitely my dream phone. Please please ms, make me love you again

    Emulation Heaven!!! But MS is notorious for bad D-pads...

    1930 is D-pad
    1950 is keyboard

    What about the other 2?
    1940 = USB Driver holder?
    1920 = Film scanner?
    1970 = Film?

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