Middle Earth Is No Place For Americans

I like where Warner Bros is going with Lord of the Rings: War In the North. It's got the polish of the movie games with a new story that should give it some breathing room. But that narration...

There are places American voices in a fictional setting are appropriate. On starships, for example. But there's an unspoken rule that if it's a fantasy setting — even just narration, in this case — and it's in English, you get British people to handle it. Otherwise it sounds off. Like a car commercial, or something that should have a Marvel superhero in it.

Ah well! This is Warner's first Lord of the Rings game for grown-ups since they got hold of the licence off EA, so it'll be interesting to see how the game shapes up when it's out in the first week of November on the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC.


    Such an unfortunate time to release, I'm vaguely interested, but Dark souls... and then Batman... and then Uncharted... need moar time and monies

    Egads, that is jarring!

    I don't necessarily think that American accents are automatically disjointed in fantasy; some Canadian voice actors manage to pull it off really well (Varric in DA2, say). Equally, some British accents in fantasy settings can be awful (some of the minor Fable voices, as an example).

    But that video above is... really Hollywood-release-trailer-esque. It just sounds odd.

    I'm cringing at the voice. I've been waiting for this game for ages, and this trailer, though visually amazing, the narration is terrible. Warner Bros better find someone less "Hollywood" and more "shire storyteller" to narrate this.

    Just realised this comes out a week or so before Skyrim. Doesn't stand a chance.

    Needs Ian McKellen (Gandalf) to narrate XD He's awesome!

    Lakes me think of a few low quality 'epic quest movie' trailers I've seen recently.

    LOTR: War in the North
    This Summer.... THE NORTH WILL WAR! (Yes, I know I just blew up several grammar teachers brains)

    Looks ok but many others my money is reserved for Uncharted 3 and Skyrim.

      That was supposed to say 'It makes' not "Lakes"... now I want a swimming pool filled with coca-cola for some reason.

    British? I really can't settle for anything less that scottish.

    That voice sounds familiar, like one out of baldaurs gate.

    lolwtf? Definitely would have been more epic if it had a British narrator. Somehow it reminds of Call of Duty though... :/

    I hear the elf's from Texas, the human's from Boston, and the dwarf is from Minnesota eh.

    lmao yer, never noticed how bad a voice actor can sound. but this guy is horrible!

    Weird. I've always found it awkward that the Elder Scrolls games have American voices.

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