MineCon Attendees Get First Dibs On Mojang’s Next Two Games

MineCon Attendees Get First Dibs On Mojang’s Next Two Games

For those on the fence about attending MineCon, the inaugural Minecraft convention to be held Nov. 18 and 19 in Las Vegas, Mojang is hoping an early look at its next two games will sweeten the deal.

All attendees will receive codes for the alpha versions of Scrolls and Cobalt once the games are ready.

For those wondering how much a pass to the con costs, it’s $US99 until Sept. 30, $US139 after that. Of course, you have to get to Vegas and get a hotel room there, too, though MineCon did get a group rate from the Mandalay Bay. See here for more information.

MineCon Swag — Alpha Codes! [Mojang, via Game Informer]


    • Notch makes over $100 000* a day, so yeah, he can be ambitious.

      Calculated by looking at minecraft sales over a 24hr period.

      Massive spikes when updates are released of course.

  • Be nice if he got back to doing some Goddamned work.

    First major update since last halloween and he couldn’t get it all done for a single release.

    and annoyingly half the features added in 1.8 rely on the other half to be added in 1.9.

    Really doubtful he’ll actually get it out in time.

    At the moment his updates are more of a hassle than something to embrace since they break mod’s

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