Minecraft 1.8 Is Out All Official-Like

Minecraft 1.8 Is Out All Official-Like

Although it had been more-or-less officially leaked last week, Minecraft beta 1.8 is now for real, available for download, adding (among other things) an refreshed Adventure mode. [Minecraft.netThanks Jonathan!]


  • …What all does it actually add? If I recall correctly there were some things that were going to be held off for 1.9 as it turns out…

    • Basically the interesting thing’s were all held back for 1.9.

      so half of the feature is their but the rest isn’t.

      There’s experience which you can do something with but need NPC’s to talk to do it.

      There’s NPC village’s that have no NPC’s so you can’t trade with them.

      1.8 is the half update :(.

      and the worst thing is there were plenty of mods for 1.7.3 that do everything he is trying to do so much better(and by the end of the week probably will be again for 1.8)

      • oh and he added some lighting engine that was meant to make things darker and more spooky as you got deeper into the earth.

        Except that the effect ignores any real light source so if you build an entire cavern and light it all up nicely. You can only see a couple of blocks ahead now due to spooky lighting.

        irony was it was meant to be the realism lighting 🙁

        • that will no doubt be tweaked at some point.

          I like the new lighting engine because of how it now doesn’t need to reload chunks – so no more knowing if it’s day or night underground based on distinct framerate stuttering… also the tints afforded by being able to do coloured lighting now is pretty nifty.

          But there are still a couple of other lighting glitches anyway – it doesn’t always block light sources properly through things like stairs, and I’m seeing old blocky shadows on water again.

      • I think that’s selling it a bit short; what there is in 1.8 is a pretty decent refresh of the core mechanics.

        To kick off, instead of food restoring health, you have a hunger meter. When it’s full, you’ll heal automatically. When it’s empty, you start to lose health.

        Combat got a refresh; you can block, sprint (and if you swing while sprinting you’ll knock the mob back, handy for creepers) and arrow combat is a little less point and shoot (you have to draw back the bow, and arrow damage can be increased by shooting it at the right angle). Some of the mobs got new AI, particularly the animals. It’s not much, but it’s a little less tedious to explore.

        They messed with terrain generation; the landscape is much more dramatic, particularly when it generates mountains and ravines (underground ravines are awesome). Abandoned mines generate underground, which are big, long interconnecting tunnels, usually lined with track and spiders. The mines are pretty great, as you can easily get down deep, they’re a little less confusing than caves, and there’s tons of track so it’s a lot easier to build rollercoasters. There is also apparently a stronghold that generates, which is a proper dungeon with traps.

        I don’t know if 1.9 is adding much else that’s new; the NPC villages seem like they’re going to be something of a non-event.

    • A lot was, yeah. The biggest stuff in 1.8 would be the biome rework, combat overhaul, hunger system, a couple of new plants and Endermen. There’s a fair amount of “new” in it, but not a lot of exciting. You would not be silly to hold off updating until 1.9, if you wanted to.

      • don’t forget the new blocks; smoothstone bricks and brick stairs along with a few others… oh and iron bars and fence gates and window panes – I think even without the NPCs and with the temporary removal of snow that it’s still worth checking out for the extra building options… though beware of the Endermen because they don’t respect much player block placement yet and will move around your dynamite and castle walls and lead to a lot of floating bits of tree.

        Ooh also there are the landscape features like ravines and ruins and abandoned mineshafts full of poisonous cave spiders to explore!

    • Biomes, they are now huge and wonderful. Underground ruins make exploring a nightmare. lest we find a stronghold of doom. It’s what I believe slower, more tense game (survival) and quite frankly I love it.

  • This guy reminds me of George Lucas.

    Great initial product and idea, but each time he adds to it, it comes across as half arsed and makes me think the initial brilliance was a fluke.

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