Minecraft: AFL Grand Final Edition

My knowledge of AFL is so threadbare it could fit on the world's smallest post-it note, but even I know this weekend is Grand Final weekend. Therefore it seems appropriate to post this Minecraft tribute to the event - a full blown version of the MCG, with the creators rough guess at the final score.

But enough about AFL, let's talk about ALF. Remember ALF?

He's back... in pog form!

Alright. I'm going to stop typing now.


    Hope the score prediction is right. I got the draw in the sweep at work.

    Mark did you forget to sleep last night?

    Its all coming up millhouse! I loved Alf. From Malmac I beleive. Maybe he will eat the cat from the While You Were Sleeping posts.

    Awesome level, and LOL at the Simpsons reference.



    That's some dedication right there. After creating a giant recreation of G1 Soundwave (complete with Ravage, Laserbeak, Frenzy and Rumble partying inside his tape deck mode) I can recognize the dedication it takes to create something like that.

    Also, Mark, can we have some more POG related posts? :D

    Looks like a Pokemon battle ground in the middle :P Still gotta admire stuff like this.

    Oh man, I love old Simpsons.

    I'm also impressed with the dexterity of his block-curves. It drives me bonkers getting it correct D:

    Go the PIES!!!! :p

    Well someone had to say it :D

    I was hoping for a poorly done AFL game :'( lol

    Not realistic at all, it's gonna be pissing rain.

    As a person from NSW, I'm required by law to not care about AFL.


    As a man of the Red and Black... I am obliged to say:

    "GO CATS!"

    So long as it wasn't Carlton, and isn't Collingwood (again) I can live with the result.

    Go Cats! Make it 3 out of 5 this year! Don't let the Maggots win!

    I have to agree with Ruffleberg here.
    As a new south welshman, AFL is shunned from society.
    On the other hand, GO THE SEA EAGLES!!!

    BTW is this map accurate? Shouldnt the player be holding a handbag? :D

    I didn't watch the video. All I wanted to comment was, nice reference to The Simpsons.

    Nice build. Don't think there should be pigs, sheep and cattle on the field though. :-P

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