Minecraft's Little Brother Learns A Hard Lesson About Silverfish

It's impossible to watch this and not think of Randy Parker, Ralphie's brother from A Christmas Story. C'mon guys! C'mon! Hey! That's not funny! Guys!

One Minecraft enthusiast's little brother just became acquainted with silverfish, the mob introduced with the 1.8 release. Attacking them, as you can see, is quite counterproductive as it just invites more to the scene. The whining really hits noogie/pinkbelly/purple-nurple class at around 1:30.

Randy, lay there like a slug! It's your only defence.


    Sounds like the little brother of someone who plays CoD rofl.

    No, it sounds like someone who plays cod, exactly.

    Still, not sure how you're meant to beat silverfish without TNTing the whole lot at once or burning them. Nice troll by mojang there...

    You have a SWORD, kid.

    You can hear someone laughing in the background.

    Those things are like Cybermats from Doctor Who:
    Go to 0:05 of the video.
    Also here:

    *face desk* he had a sword...

    why wodnt he just go up the ladder????????????????????????????

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