More Obscure Japanese Games Come To Steam

Complementing the work of indie localisers Carpe Fulgur, who have brought some random Japanese games to Steam, developers Rockin' Android will now be doing likewise with the Gundemonium series of shooters.

Already available on the PSN, the Gundemonium games are indie shoot-em-ups from Japan that are so sweet your teeth will hurt. Provided you can still taste sweetness through all that bullet hell.

You can get all three games in the collection for $US10, or buy one individually for $US4. To make it worth your while, the Steam versions feature stuff not found in previous iterations of the games, like an optional "remixed and enhanced in-game soundtracks" and online co-op.


    I'm liking this move! It may help the horribly lacking PC gaming scene in Japan. It's sad when I walk into a games store and ask for the PC games, only to be shown a small selection of hentai games and nothing more :(

      Thats one heck of a classy store.

        Hey don't hate on the hentai games, where else can a tentacle get a job in this economy?

        it's not just the dirty stores. Literearlly, EVERY video game store

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