More Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Amazing Concept Art

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game with art direction so memorable, and so well-loved, that I figured it was worth a second round of concept art.

Whereas last time we looked at a little bit of everything from a whole bunch of the game's artists, today we're looking at some new stuff from just one: industry veteran Thierry "BARONTiERi" Doizon.

What's cool about this collection is that while some of it, like the Barrett "arena" actually featured in the game, other parts didn't. Like rooms and houses for the planned hub world of Montreal, part of a city that aside from a news building never made the finished product.

There's also glimpses into some of the earliest stages of pre-production, where the team was still fleshing out Human Revolution's visual identity. So we get to see early ideas for what the FEMA camp would look like, or how the Renaissance fashion style would look in the future.

You even get to see what Detroit looks like when the sun is out.

If you'd like to see more of Doizon's work, we've actually run a Fine Art on him before, focusing on his earlier stuff for companies like Ubisoft. You can see that here.

You can also see the first of our looks at Deus Ex: Human Revolution's concept art here.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    That picture of Jensen smoking is just begging for a 'haters gonna hate' caption.

      More like "I never asked for this."

    Like this?
    Fresh off the memembly line.

    wow a lot of unused concepts in here. Would've loved to have seen the apartments and that commercial district locale, especially with some daylight in Detroit...

    Hey thats not Jensen its Jimmy McNulty!

    i like the painting of Jensin. He looks older, balder, and more badass!

    Nice art, it's crude in areas but shows strong ideas.

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