More Than A Quarter Of US 3DS Owners Feel 3D Hurts Gameplay

With Nintendo placing emphasis on delivering strong gaming experiences to their latest handheld. just how important is the 3D in the 3DS? According to a recent survey, more than 28 per cent of 3DS owners feel the special effect takes away from gameplay.

The large percentage of users dissatisfied with the portable's 3D effect was revealed yesterday, as research firm Interpret LLC delivered the results of its annual 3D survey at the 3D Gaming Summit in Hollywood, California. In comparison, only 22 per cent of 3DS owners indicated the 3D improved gameplay, while 13 per cent indicated they preferred playing with the effect switched off.

I'm in that 13 per cent myself. Each new game I play on the handheld gets a quick glimpse in 3D before the slider gets turned off completely.

The good news is that awareness of the 3DS was up over last year, with 60 per cent of respondents indicating knowledge of the handheld. Of that 60 per cent, however, only 28 per cent were aware of the glasses-free 3D feature, perhaps a result of Nintendo's shifting focus from hardware to software.

It's a shift that makes sense. With only 7 per cent of respondents indicating a portable device as their ideal 3D solution (56 per cent preferred a 3D TV connected console), the 3D in 3DS isn't proving to be the selling point it first seemed to be.

28% of 3DS players say 3D detracts from gameplay [Gamespot]


    I switch it off. After the headache inducing horror that was Pilotwings Resort (a first party title too :s), I decided it's neat for a second, but makes gameplay worse.

    Am i the only one in the world who can actually leave the 3D effect on w/ no problems?

    Ok maybe eye strain if i jack it all the way up and go on extended sessions on DoA and whatnot.. but i've yet to have any of these game ending headaches myself...

      You're not the only one, it's just that the complaints are usually louder than the praise.

      I find that the 3D effect is better to use in low-light than during the day (might be something to do with glare?). In any case, I usually just leave it on a low setting and crank it up during cut-scenes.

      (Though I will admit that I found Zelda OoT easier to play with it completely off).

    I have it on, but not up to maximum. I'm playing Ocarina of Time this way with no problems.

    I actually turn it off and on in each new area to see what the differences are before leaving it slightly on and going about my business. Actually seems to make dodgeing some attacks easier.

    The think the reasons people turn of the 3d is because it truly adds nothing to the gameplay. For a 3d based system it really doesnt seem to have any 3d based games (or any games at the moment). Right now it just feels like a ds with 3d tacked on

    I've never had any problems with the 3D at all. I've gotten eyestrain a couple of times after extended OOT3D sessions, but aside from that, nothing.

    I love my 3DS, I've never had any issues with the 3D. I fail to understand how anyone can have an issue with it, if it hurts or feels uncomfortable then turn it down or turn it off. It's hardly rocket science. I couldn't imagine playing Starfox without it now, works perfectly. I also loved it in OOT. From what I know if it hurts your eyes or you have issues seeing it properly then you should go to an optometrist and get your eyes checked, because there's something wrong with you... not the console.

    When playing OoT, I have it turned halfway up. I think the 3D makes the game look better. No headaches, too.

    I prefer to play with the 3D on, it's just that there's no games that I actually want to play on the 3DS.

    I constantly dial up and down the 3D effect depending on the game and the situation, but with Ocarina and Starfox it's always on as far as it can go. Having the slider is great as it's really easy to shift during gameplay if things get a bit too hectic. I used to think it was a bit annoying changing all the time but now it's just 2nd nature. Ive yet to any headaches or eyestrain and I love the effect. It does only add to the immersion of some games though. Nothing gameplay wise, just immersion. Especially Zelda.

    i have to agree with just about every one on this page. i have NEVER had a problem with 3d in general unless its those dame shutter glasses but thats because one eye is seeing black wile the other is seeing the screen. but with 3ds, and movies i never get pain or dizzy. i think this is because i see 3d every moment of every day in life. so seeing 3d screens is just like seeing 3d in real life since the science is the same. so people who get pain probably have bad depth or their eyes dont line up right. well u can still turn it off and play with its amazing new graphics and still fun games

    also you think that looking at 2-d would hurt more since 2 eyes are focused on the same thing and their for not how they are supposed to see 3d things? people are stupid and stop hating on 3d cus it scares them

    I find in hectic sections (boss battles in Zelda for example) the 3D is an annoyance because the system is bouncing around too much.

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