Mortal Kombat Is Coming Back To The Big Screen

Looks like director Kevin Tancharoen's actually going to get to make that Mortal Kombat movie he pitched to Warner Bros. The director of Mortal Kombat Rebirth and the web series it spawned, Mortal Kombat Legacy, is getting his very own stab at a feature film.

Tancharoen will direct an all-new Mortal Kombat movie based on a script from writing partner Oren Uziel. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the new story "will not serve as an extension of the game [or]digital series". Production is expected to begin next year with a theatrical release planned for 2013, reports the LA Times' Company Town blog.

Warner Bros' New Line Cinema division will produce.

The latest video game entry, Mortal Kombat for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, has gone on to sell more than three million units since its launch in April.

New 'Mortal Kombat' movie coming via partnership of Warner units [LA TImes]


    PLEASE be like the original pitch...

    As long as it has sub-zero the greatest character ever in a fighting game I'll like it. :)

    The webseries was great. But that original trailer needs its own movie.

    I can't believe this actually worked...

    I can't believe this actually worked...

    Awesome. Loved the web series. Can't believe his guerilla tactic has worked so well. Congrats to him.

    Things I loved about the web series:
    - Ninjas - Sub-Zero and Scorpion were fantastic, if a little silly looking
    - Cyber-ninjas - the story of Sektor and Cyrax was arguably the most compelling episode of the whole lot.

    Things I didn't like:
    - where the heck was Liu Kang?
    - Why did they change Baraka from the awesome concept they had in the original trailer?
    - where was Reptile?

    I'm stoked that Tancharoen has been given the opportunity to expand his ideas with this universe. The web series showed promise, but I hope with a little more guidance he can create a focussed, compelling story.

      characters such as Liu Kang and Kung Lao he was quoted as saying were being saved for a 'second season' of the webseries. But since he's apparently got the go-ahead to do a movie, I can imagine a second season won't be happening soon, if at all.

      As far as the Baraka thing, I think Ed Boon actually said he wanted him to dial the world back a bit to be closer to 'canon MK'... Not certain about that, but I do remember Boon saying he liked the original trailer Tancharoen did but that he thought it went a little too far away from a 'true MK' universe or something... :-P

    As long as he doesn't change his style again to suit the WB management, I'm fine with it. He'll, the only episode that even came close to the original pitch trailer was the Raiden episode

    I found the web series a bit average, allthough I reckon with a big budget this director will be able to show what he really wanted to do with the Mortal Kombat world. Yeah, the Raiden episode was great though I wanted to see him go all out and turn the hospital into a crater that Akira himself would be proud of!

    Couldn't possibly top the original MK movie (second was garbage). Top tier B-grade movie.

    "will not serve as an extension of the game"

    Then make something else that isn't Mortal Kombat.

      I believe they are stating that the storyline will be separate to the games canon, rather than being directly tied into it. Not unlike how the previous Mortal Kombat films existed in their own canon.

    YESSS!!! finally.... but seriously the original trailer he made was awesome and all but Mortal Kombat is Mortal Kombat they shouldn't change the lore just because its a movie. They should remake number 1

    I can’t believe this actually worked…

    This is either going to be really good (batman remake) or utterly crap (99% of game movies).

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