NCIS Games Sure To Delight Older Gamers

Ubisoft is teaming up with CBS to bring the award-winning NCIS series to video games, letting fans of special agent Gibbs and crew perform their own Naval criminal investigations, provided they can figure out that confounded video game system.

Enjoyed by elderly people around the world, the NCIS franchise is a wellspring of introductory video game material. It's got crime scene investigation, autopsy action, quirky science, and — every once in a while — enough action to keep grandpa from snoring on the couch.

This fall Ubisoft brings that excitement to the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 and PC in a game featuring four brand-new investigations direct from the writers of the show.

And now I have a Christmas present for my mother. Thanks, Ubisoft.


    Let's hope Ubisoft don't mess this one up.

    NCIS is a great show with very well thoughtout characters and has stood the test of time very well despite being eight seasons long.

    Who's developing this?
    This looks like the Grey's Anatomy game all over again D:

    I liked LA Noire, so for me if they used that engine with alot of the TV show licences, then I would be happy for sure.

    Even in digital form I'd do nasty things to Abby

      Hmmm? Where did Mase go?

      *Finds no forensic evidence of foal play with Mase.*

      Looks like Abby got to him......

    If they mess this up, I'm going to be very disappointed with Ubisoft.

    If they get it right, though, I'll be willing to forget about their DRM and buy it regardless.

    Let's hope their writers can bring the shows pervasive knowledge of computers and videogames to this.

    I don't see no Tony or Ziva :(

      I just saw the trailer for the game and it contains side by side comparison of the game models and their respective actors/actresses.

      Tony and Ziva are their, in the ninth screenshot.

      Yes, I know what you are going to say - "They look nothing like them!".

    I'm not sure I want to give this show any more ammo!

    This adds a whole new meaning to 'Special Agent Leroy Jethro GIBBS'


    I just had a horrid thought.

    If this game allows you play as Ducky and perform an autopsy, it may get the game banned here.

    I found out Abby's actress' real age.

    We've found another vampire to go with Keanu people!

    She's FORTY TWO! O_o

    But I'd STILL hit it! Until Ducky was performing my autopsy!

    "Cause of death Doc?"
    "Heart attack with signs of Rigor Mortis stiffness of the pelvic area"!
    "I can see that! Anything else?"
    "Stains all over from feminine fluids commonly found in the..."
    "OKAY, that I can see Doc. I'm gonna need bleach for my eyes on this case..."

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