New Homefront Being Made By People Who Made Far Cry

The folks behind Crysis and Far Cry have teamed up with THQ to work on the next Homefront, the publisher said this morning.

"We see Homefront as a really strong universe that has a lot of potential and that has been expertly created and marketed by THQ," said Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO and President of Crytek. "We believe that bringing our level of quality, creativity and production values to the next Homefront title creates an opportunity for both THQ and Crytek to deliver a truly blockbuster game. It's really important to us that THQ has the faith in giving us a lot of creative freedom over one of its most important properties to allow us to bring the Homefront world to life in a new and innovative way."

Homefront, which hit earlier this year to mixed reviews, took place during a future America occupied by North Korean forces. The game featured brutal portrayals of an occupied country in the year 2027. The game ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with rebel forces taking back part of the country, but with still much to do.

THQ says the game was a commercial success and that the "yet-to-be-named sequel" is scheduled for release during THQ's fiscal 2014 on console and PC.

"Selecting Crytek to take Homefront forward underscores our strategy of working with the industry's best talent," said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ. "Homefront's unique setting and storyline captivated gamers the world over. With Crytek's industry leading technology and legendary experience in the FPS genre, we're supremely confident that the next Homefront will deliver that AAA-quality experience that players demand."


    Although Homefront was horribly short and the controls were... gah... it did have a bloody enthralling story and prospect. If anyone can make a good game out of it, Crytek should be able to. I just hope it lasts longer this time than 2 hours 30 minutes to complete... *speed ran in that time... no idea why I bothered...*

    So in other words, Homefront 2 is going to look pretty damn awesome.

    I thought it was a Kaos IP?

    Man, it must suck coming up with such a concept and then having it taken away from you after only your first dabble in its universe.

      Kaos is gone.

      They got closed shortly after Homefront's launch.

      Kaos was owned by THQ. But even if that wasn't the case, it isn't unusual for the publisher to hold the IP in exchange for funding the development of the game.

        In fact I beleive it's one of THQ's preconditions - they cited it as a reason for not making a deal with Respawn.

    Kaos' well crafted setting and story + Crytek's awesome graphical work and game design? Count me in.

      The setting was well crafted, but the story? The story wasn't anything special, and downright sucked at points. A lot of potential was wasted, but hopefully Crytek can find a way to bring it back.

        It was a well crafted story but it was poorly executed.

          Not really. The story was pretty poor, regardless of how well it was executed. The setting, though, was very well put together and had a lot of potential.

            Getting pissy much?

              You betcha. I hate it when a company wastes the chance to have a good story and instead uses a short, cliche ridden story with poor characterisation and only a superficial attempt at getting emotion out of the player.

              Still, at least Homefront didn't waste as much potential as the MoH reboot.

    I really liked Homefront.

    But... it was awfully short, and did look pretty damn ugly.
    Hopefuly, this will give THQ the FPS competitor they're looking for.

    THQ = 200% cost for Australians, no thanks.

      Internet = get games for cheap, yes please.

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