New Leaked Borderlands 2 Footage Features Sweeping Vistas, Old Friends, Exploding Guns

An intrepid tipster has sent in a video s/he shot of the latest demo of Gearbox's upcoming shooter Borderlands 2, and so of course we thought we'd share it with all of you.

Unlike the last leaked footage we ran, this video is taken not from a possible pants-cam — it's clearly in-bag. Though it wasn't shot at PAX, it's basically the same demo (as well as the one that McWhertor checked out at Gamescom), so if you weren't able to make it to the show (or didn't want to wait in the ginormous line), now you can watch a slightly janky version of it at home.

At PAX, the presenter was sure to point out that everything seen in the long view seen at 5:45 was fully explorable, which… yeah. Cool.

Enjoy, and do stick around to the end.


    Looks sweet... might even be tempted to delve back into the first one - got bored with the bland environments so it got shelved.

      The coop is where it's at. A few mates, a lot of beer and your PC's and this game is a riot.

        agreed...minus the beer. According to Steam ive played 239 hours of borderlands, and thats not including the 3 days i i spent playing a pirate copy due to 2k fucking us aussies over and changing the games release date to the euro date 10minutes before it was ment to go live.

        kinda funny actually with borderlands being my second longest played game in my steam libary, with new vegas being the longest at 386hrs played

          Minus the beer?

          That's not a very Australian mentality :P

            It is dangerously unaustralian. Beer drinking should be mandated at the federal level, to avoid unfortunate situations such as these.

              Clearly, the dude abides!

                It's already mate, I'll drink his share.

    Me gusta.

    I hope they've made the single player more enjoyable... it was shite unless you were playing co-op.

    Seems they're fixing a lot of my gripes with Bordies 1. Namely, guns just feeling a little bit flat. These ones look awesome.

      And sound beefier!

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