New Super Mario 3D Land Trailer, Now With More Raccoon Suits And Street Pass

Take a look at this brand new Super Mario 3D Land trailer from Nintendo last night. Giving us our first real look at the game, showing us old faces and new mechanics to get excited about.

On Nov. 13, Nintendo will release the Super Mario 3D Land game for Nintendo 3DS. In this first-ever true 3D Mario platforming adventure, players can scout levels and find secrets before they play using the built-in gyro sensor feature of the Nintendo 3DS system. The game will feature propeller blocks and will have StreetPass functionality

It looks like the new Mario game will be returning old form while trying its best to utilise the new 3DS hardware. If that means you are going to be yelling at your 3DS trying to balance it, or something more seamless is something yet to be seen. Raccoon suits and fireballs are giving vintage Mario an awesome looking reboot.

They even brought the flagpoles back, so that's cool.


    This looks like it's going to be awesome in 3D.

    1st 3DS game ive actually wanted.

    Finally a game that I want to get!! Only problem is, I will have traded my 3DS by the time it comes out :( Too little, too late

    How many times must people call this a raccoon suit? It's called a Tanooki suit.

      Two different power-ups, look it up.

    I will definitely play this game on full 3D which will probably give me a headache for weeks, and it will all be worth it. :)

    The Gyro controls were absolutely horrible in LoZ, so I can't really imagine it being any better here.

    I still can't belive the Gyroscope made it into the finished product. Did no-one at nintendo even think to consider that a console that's BIGGEST SELLING POINT revolves around keeping the console absolutely still, would not benefit from a feature that requires the console to be moved around a lot!

      /found the gyro controls in OoT to be smooth and more precise than a mouse.

    Why not Super Mario Land 3D?

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