New York City's Gears Of War 3 Launch Party In Six Pictures

The lines were long, the whole venue is underground and glowing motorcycles were parked outside.

Inside the Best Buy Theater in Times Square at last night's Gears of War 3 launch party, they were giving out plenty of swag and people could take photos of themselves holding a chainsaw gun. It's hard to ask for much more if you're a hard core Gears fan, and that's exactly who the event was for. Although, the musical performance by Big Sean was for… pretty much anybody who specifically came to see Big Sean.

One of the many, gaming stations located throughout the event. That guy got messed up.

One of the few cosplayers at the launch party. When I took this picture, he and another guest were talking shop about the custom guns they were carrying.

You got to take your picture holding a fancy Gears of War gun. It even turned the picture black and white.

It seems to be a trend to have hip-hop or rap at these events, which isn't a bad thing but this sort of felt like it was glued on.

Speaking of trends, glowing custom motorcycles are getting popular with gaming events too.


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