Nintendo 3DS Game Bug Sends Players To Big Boob Hell

Senran Kagura, that booby ninja game, is apparently doing pretty well in Japan. Even Sony's Shuhei Yoshida bought a copy.

Those who own the game might want to be careful of a bug that will trap them in boob hell. The bug doesn't appear to be that easy to find (it involves using the character Ikaruka in the "Inran Mode" and then unleashing a series of slash attacks on the boss character).

Some might call this a bug, others might call it a feature — an easter egg, even!


    Jesus Christ, those jiggle physics are INSANE.
    One wonders if the developers of this game have ever even seen a real boob.

    Fuck, man.

    I see nothing wrong at all with anything in that video

    I swear at points he tries to put it in 3D just to make it a little more like real life.

    Well, the colors were so overdone, they almost start an epileptic fit. They should really fix that. Otherwise, I'm sure it's a masterpiece.

    Anime-World. The only place in the multiverse where training bras come with optional shock-absorber attachments.

    Holy crap thats almost on bar with DoA:X2 where one breast would bounce one way then the other would bouce the complete opposite direction.

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