Nintendo Has Mario Tennis, Paper Mario And Animal Crossing For Nintendo 3DS In 2012

The Nintendo 3DS's 2012 is already looking rosy with new versions of Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing planned for a 2012 release — at least in Japan.

Nintendo unveiled the new Mario Tennis at its 3DS Conference 2011, showing gameplay footage alongside new footage of Paper Mario and Animal Crossing for its 3D handheld. The company also has a new Tomodachi Collection, an all-new Fire Emblem and another Style Savvy game in the works for the 3DS.


    Any ORIGINAL properties Nintendo or just regurgitating the same old shite?

      It pleases me that someone beat me to that comment! This is becoming a joke.
      Nintendo being the "innovators"? Yeah right......

      I'm really getting tired of the same titles being shoveled out with the name of the console slapped on the end, 64, DS, Wii, 3DS.
      I'm unsure as to what your comment means Lone Wolf, I can't tell if it is in support of weresmurf or against, lol.
      But I do constantly hear the phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it" in regards to Nintendo, which is confusing; Nintendo is in a lot of trouble with the 3ds so far, and continuing to believe that they can just do things as they always have will not end well for them.

        Yeah, I mean it's not like Nintendo gave us the D-pad, Analog sticks, motion controls, defined portable gaming, forged new genres and are always the first to adopt new ideas and are always going a different direction to the competition. And yeah, I guess Super Mario Bros. on the NES is pretty much the same game as Mario Galaxy 2, they're practically indistinguishable when you compare screenshots. Thank God for the Xbox and its stream of brown FPS titles. And let's not forget Same-y Sports Sim 12, now with slightly different textures to Same-y Sports Sim 11!

          Right now with the 3DS being quite the stumble for Nintendo they've become the latest company that's cool to rag on. So never mind these folk.

      I'm suprised they don't do 5-6 different versions of each game, each with the characters wearing a differenet colour

      Last Nintendo product I buy, thats for sure... and I think i actually mean it this time! :P

    Excited for animal crossing, not so much for tennis. When AC comes out I rekon I'll be using my 3ds a lot more.

    Fire Emblem is about the only thing I want...

    Holy shit, the cynicism in this little circle jerk is through the roof. Nobody's forcing you to buy any of these games, they exist for the fanbase. I sure as hell am getting Paper Mario and think Mario Tennis in 3D will be cool as hell.

    3D mario tennis on a red and black console... Ugh... I'm having a regression.

    I'd rather have Mario Golf than Tennis, just saying.

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