Nintendo Just Made Sony’s Life Difficult With The Monster Hunter Smash And Grab

Nintendo Just Made Sony’s Life Difficult With The Monster Hunter Smash And Grab

The secret to Sony’s success in Japan is summed up in two words: “Monster” and “hunter”. The series has sold millions of PSP copies and millions of PSPs. It looks set to do the same thing&mdash:not for Sony’s latest portable, but for the Nintendo 3DS.

Since launch, gamers have been down on the Nintendo 3DS’s games, or lack thereof. Today in Tokyo, Nintendo went though a healthy line-up of revealed titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising and teased new ones like Mario Tennis.

During the build up to today’s event, it was expected that Nintendo would show of its second circle add-on, which was revealed recently in a Japanese gaming magazine. Nintendo did not. Even when when Monster Hunter 3 G‘s producer took the stage, Nintendo did not show the tacked on circle pad.

Perhaps it the universally bad reaction the add-on circle pad got that might have made Nintendo decide not to show the add-on circle pad.

There is something going on with that pad. Monster Hunter 3 G uses it, and Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater developer Kojima Productions received one. Kid Icarus: Uprising was delayed, leading to speculation that the game is being retrofitted for the second circle pad.

The second circle pad chatter became utterly irrelevant in Japan by the end of the press conference when Nintendo revealed that Monster Hunter 4 was in development — for the 3DS.

Monster Hunter is not nearly as popular in the West as in Japan, but for Japanese gamers, an announcement like this will have them second guessing any decisions to buy the PS Vita over the 3DS.

Nintendo just turned this into a good old fashioned hardware war.

Tomorrow, Sony is holding its press conference, and it better have some aces up its sleeve. Nintendo just went for the juggler.

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  • Jugular. They went for the jugular. As in jugular vein. However I do find the idea that Sony has an official Juggler that Nintendo is now trying to attack mildly funny.

  • Takes me back to the days of Microsoft pulling games from PC for Xbox (Galleon, Halo) and the Rare snatch of the late 90s (I could have the date a bit off here).
    As much as the press tries to pump it up, this sort of thing is becoming more common. Monster Hunter Tri appeared on the Wii, then there was a version for PSP now back to Nintendo.
    But this early in the lifespan of new hardware…could be Nintendo picking a fight with the Vita if they stitch it up right.

  • “Monster Hunter is not nearly as popular in the West as in Japan, but for Japanese gamers, an announcement like this will have them second guessing any decisions to buy the PS Vita over the 3DS”

    Until Capcom/Sony announce the inevitable PSV version of Monster Hunter which everybody knows is coming.

  • Um. Doesn’t competition based around who has what software mean it’s a good old-fashioned software war? It would be a hardware war if the competition was based around the capabilities of the hardware (i.e. PS2’s DVD player vs. GameCube’s … umm … 4 controller ports).

  • Capcom would be crazy not to release a PSV, and sony would basically self fund the entire game and still give the profits to capcom because that thing would sell easily 4-5 million PSV which would encourage all the japanese devs to start making the many games it still doing for the PSP and in hope that those can be then localised for other markets on the digital front.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Monster Hunter may be popular on the PSP, but in the end, Capcom are looking at profit vs cost, and risk.

      The 3DS is already out, and its sales are steadily rising. Also, the future for the console looks bright, with the cascade of high quality titles being announced.

      The Vita is not out, and there is no telling whether it will succeed, or bomb. Yes, it’s impressive, but there is still the chance that it will fail. If the Vita has a good launch, it is highly likely that Capcom will release a MH game for it.

      Capcom don’t care about exclusivity. They care about sales. As does every other company.

      • umm, okay. I do know what i am talking about, and yes i know Capcom want profits its business after all. And there is a term called “System seller” and thats what this new monster hunter is most likely going to be for 3DS. So even if the PSV hasn’t sold any units if they are going to release one for the PSV which i am sure SONY is begging them to do or already have arranged then they are going with the possibility that this game will sell hardware with the software.

        Monster hunter portable 3 for the PSP sold 100s of thousands of PSP last year and sold 4+ million units in japan alone. There is nothing stopping them from repeating this with the PSV since the PSV isn’t that expensive.

        So the risk isn’t as high as you may think, while its there like any new hardware, i still believe that investing for the 3DS with a game that requires a extra add on is Far FAR more risky then releasing for the PSV. That add on could deter sales and the game could bomb with it like many console additions in the past.

        • Monster Hunter Tri G would have been in development far before the extra pad was announced.

          Also, the reaction to the extra pad is a total overreaction. The add-on is optional, it’s estimated to be $20, and it just requires a single AAA battery (which will last a long time, due to the basic nature of the device). The size increase of the device will be similar to the DSiXL.

          The negative press for the attachment stems from the recent overall negative opinion of Nintendo. The actual product is not as unreasonable as everybody makes it seem.

          Additionally, the gamer/website opinion of the 3DS does not reflect the opinion of developers or publishers. Capcom have looked at the 3DS’s current state, and have estimated that the potential sales are acceptable for the franchise. That’s it.

          I’m aware of System Sellers, but Monster Hunter is not the Halo of Microsoft. Capcom have no exclusivity deals with Sony. While indeed Monster Hunter was successful on the PSP, the Vita is still unknown territory.

  • Grappy addons that are battery operated does not for a good system make.

    3DS is flailing. They need a second iteration to be taken seriously.

  • Do people really believe Monster Hunter 4 isn’t coming to Vita? Of course it is. I mean, it already has 2 joysticks, no need for an attachment.

    It’s so obvious MH4 is Vita ready, it’s scary.

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