No More Heroes Developers Try Social Gaming

No More Heroes Developers Try Social Gaming

Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture, the team behind games like No More Heroes, is moving into the mobile gaming scene after teaming up with Japanese “social network operator” DeNA.

Three titles were announced as part of the partnership between the two companies, revealed at a pre-TGS party held by Grasshopper in Roppongi last night.

The first, Frog Minutes (pictured above), was released in Japan in March (when we first covered it), but since this deal is for international markets as well as the home region, it’s getting released again.

The other two games are Humans vs Zombies and Alien Busters, two games Grasshopper will be showing more of at a later date.

It’s interesting to see Grasshopper look more and more like Double-Fine with each passing day, a studio with a track record of unique yet under-performing major titles realising there’s more room for error (and experimentation) with smaller games as opposed to the big ones.

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