Not All PS Vita Games Look Good

Take F1, for example. While Kotaku was wowed with WipeOut on the PS Vita, Codemaster's racing effort leaves a lot to be desired.

The game's trailer showed jaggy F1 race cars. Today, it was revealed that the game will also be heading to the Nintendo 3DS on December 22 — days after its Vita launch.

F1 looks bad for a Vita game. It looks bad for a 3DS game. Heck, it even looks bad for an iPhone game.

Shame, because with a little more elbow grease, PS Vita games can shine. Same's true for 3DS and iPhone games.

F1 is one of 26 PS Vita launch titles for Japan.

「F1 2011」の3DS版は12月22日に発売決定。 []


    What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are they doing to my beautiful baby...
    Sony should just reject it.

    I think the guys that posted forgot to see 5 words in the upper left. 'Vita - Work in Progress Gameplay'

    So that could change come closer to the release.

    What's wrong with it? It looks OK.

    I'd take a graphical hit if it meant retaining full grids, AI, weather effects and the sublime driving model.

    kinda looks like a ps1 game, but it's still a work in progress. Anyway why does it matter, if you don't like the game don't buy it right?

    I dunno, I've seen worse games out there.. But Codemasters aren't recognized for their optimized code, nor are they for the prettiest work. Maybe the game has a lot of substan... nah forget it, it's just a racing game.

    It also looks terrible as a PS3 game, I thought Kotaku would know this by now, it's been officially canned by the community.
    The xbox and pc versions are much better, but then there are the glitches and poor programming to overcome.
    Buy F1 2011 when it's 'Patched 'n' Platinum' (or whatever they call platinum on xbox and pc)

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