Order Renegade Ops On PC, Get Gordon Freeman's Half-Life 2 Buggy

It's a far cry from a Half-Life 3 announcement, but PC gamers around the world will get a free bonus in their Steam version of Avalanche's downloadable blast-em-up Renegade Ops: Gordon Freeman's iconic buggy. The buggy is cool-looking, but its best feature is surely its ability to summon Ant-Lions and sic 'em on enemies. Don't disturb the sand!

The vehicle will be included with the PC version of the game, which comes out October 14th. Wow, from the look of things, I have been missing out by not playing this game.


    Looks like Death Rally on iOS, in which cameos are a big thing. Duke Nukem being the biggest example.
    Renegade Ops looks a lot slicker, though.

      yeah except this isn't a racing game... you drive and fly around shooting shit... thats about it...

      its cool though

    4 player co-op!!!! 'I think I felt it move' ;)

    "Maybe it just changed sides?"

      Are you asking me out? Because if you dish out the $10 i'm yours ;)

    You know I was hoping for the real buggy that was in Half Life 2, but this is the muscle car from Episode 2, I HOPE YOU NOTICED YOU BASTARDS!! I WANT THE BUGGY

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