Our Total Grand Final 2011 Survival Guide

Whether you favour Aussie rules, rugby league or don't care at all, these posts will help you make the most of a massive weekend of sport.

AFL/NRL Grand Final Tell Us Damnit Special [Kotaku]

Minecraft: AFL Grand Final Edition [Kotaku]

How To Fix Your Post-Grand-Final Hangover [Lifehacker]

How To Bluff Your Way Through A Grand Final Conversation [Lifehacker]

How To Watch The 2011 Grand Finals From Anywhere [Lifehacker]

12 Gadgets For Footy Grand Finals: The Practical And The Bizarre [Gizmodo]

Grand Finals 2011 Party: Can You Do It Online? [Gizmodo]

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


    This Allure Media journalist guy seems to be new to Kotaku :D

    Why are Collingwood fans so feral? What attracts our nation's worst to the 'pies?

      Well, I've heard that they get to pay membership fees in car stereos... that could be part of it.

    Wake me when the Australia Open starts.


      The elusive 'n' gets away again...

    So no love for the union, fair enough its not the final yet, but still.

    Go cats!

      Brilliant Tracey. :) It has made my year, let alone my weekend. :)

    I tweeted West Coast for 2011, but since I started twitter yesterday, nobody saw it XD Anyway, they did great this season!

    Let me join in the chorus of boooring ..

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