OverClocked ReMix's Mega Man 9 Album Goes From Metal To Baroque And Back

The video game-music collective OverClock ReMix has released another complete set of reimagined songs, this time for Mega Man 9. (I bet you thought I was going to put a "Goes for Baroque" joke in the title, didn't you? Well... actually, it's not even baroque music, it's more like flamenco, so... yeah.) The full album is titled "Back in Blue."

You might remember I posted a link to that particularly great flute/guitar duet on "Splash Blue" — that track is from this album. The rest of the tunes don't quite have the acoustic charm of the "Splash Blue" performance, but they're still good stuff — it certainly helps that the source material is fantastic. Best of all, the entire album can be downloaded for free!

The trailer above is a bit of a mixtape of everything, but you can find the entire album on the OCR site. Props to Larry Oji and the crew at OverClock Remix for releasing such consistently good stuff.

Back in Blue [OC ReMix]


    Oh god those vocals around the 1:00 mark. My ears.

    Write us an article about Impostor Nostalgia!

      I second Fenixius's request. ;)

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