Paradox Talks About Cartel And Its Syndicate Roots

Paradox Talks About Cartel And Its Syndicate Roots

Paradox’s Cartel is shaping up to be more of a sequel to Syndicate then the official sequel that EA announced last week.


  • We have a new record! Only one sentence, and more than half of it is a link.

    Fuck you, KotakUS. Fuck you in your fuckables.

    • Nah in the last month or 2 there was one where the article including both title and body text was a grand total of 22 words. Most of the people complaining how lazy it was actually used more words than that.

    My Reaction to reading that article about the people who are remaking some of my favorite games of all time. Magicka (and their Viet DLC) was basically a twist on cannon fodder, their humour is hillarious, and after what I heard about what 2K were doing to be beloved syndicate this is such a relief to read this.

    I’ll go back to SQUEEEEing now.


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