PC Arkham City Slips To November, Still Looks Gorgeous

Bad news for PC gamers, as Warner Bros and Rocksteady push the non-console version of the eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham City to an unspecified date in November. Perhaps some sexy screens will help ease the pain?

While console owners will be playing Arkham City on October 18 in North America, the version they're playing won't look nearly as good as it does played on a high-end gaming machine in November. No specific reason was given for the delay, which in my mind means supernatural forces are at work. Perhaps the Gentleman Ghost?


    Man that detective mode looks awesome. Pity we have to wait an extra month for it though :(

    The quality of the PC version was ridiculous. Max deatils with physx and 3D made for an incredible tech demo.

      Agreed. Worth waiting an extra month for a vastly superior experience!

    God dammit. Now every single game I'm planning on buying for the rest of the year is out in November. At least when this was in October there was some semblance of it bring spaced out.

    I hope they use the extra time to squish bugs, he last 2 high profile games I bought dead island and dues ex were infested with the creepy crawlies.

    Pro Tip: This is still Unreal Engine 3, a High Spec PC wont be required unless your crunching Triple head.

      Considering how easily UE3 can be adapted and changed, running the game on full could end up requiring a fair bit of kick.

    Haven't noticed this on Steam yet... any word?

      It won't be on Steam, only Games for Windows Live. Which sucks.

    I pre-ordered this for 360 this time around after being stuffed around for a month last time with AA adding physX support. I will pick it up on PC too - however it will be when it goes on sale on steam next year.

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