Pixel Art For A Pixel Party

It’s time for a party. A pixel party! Kotaku reader, Dan, pointed us to this awesome artwork that his friend, Nick Paustian, designed for an invitation to his pixel-themed birthday party.

Nick is studying Game Design at Griffith University in Queensland. According to Dan, Nick has some sweet painting skills and can also do special effects — also, he recently shaved his beard.

Kotaku did not receive an invitation to Nick’s birthday party (sadface), but if we were invited, we would go as the pixel in the bottom right corner of our monitor. This is what the costume would look like (zoomed in for your viewing pleasure).


    Is this just a regular Dan, or is it DAN! ? DAN! is another class of Dan, and should always be referred to in a way that makes it sound like you're on fire trying to get him to help you.
    Either way, this is rad.

    He's got more sheet, and a hi-res version, on his Tumblr.


    Is the picture a hint that the party will be a sausage-fest?

      There are 2 girls... lol

        And 6 guys...sausage-fest :P

    Hey cool,
    I went to halloween last year as a pixellated myself.
    I even made a mask based off a self portrait I put together :)

    Leave it to Gordon to get drunk lol.
    And what is Samus holding?

      I think it's a camera.

    nice plug.

    also, who told him to shave his beard?

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