PlayStation 3 Sales Quadruple After Price Drop

A week after the PlayStation 3 160GB and 320GB models had their prices slashed, sales of Sony's current-gen console soared by more than 400%, according to sales figures released by the NPD Group Australia.

The price cut kicked in on August 22 and saw the 160GB model priced at RRP $AU349.95 and the 360GB model at RRP $AU449.95. This represented a price drop of $150 on the former RRP of both consoles.

"This new price point really represents fantastic value for money as PlayStation 3 delivers full HD games, Blu-ray capability, plus music, movies, catch-up TV and more on demand," said the Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, Michael Ephraim.

Did you pick up a PS3 after the price drop? Do you have any plans to? We'd like to hear if the new price is going to sway you!


    The 160Gb seems to be more like $299 most places I've seen.

      Yeah. I got the 160GB model with a HDMI cable and 2 games (Assassin's Creed 2 and Reflex MX vs ATV) for $349.

      I'd been going back and forth between wanting an XBox and PS3 for quite a while. Ultimately what decided it was the Blu-Ray capabilties of the PS3 and the more attractive bundle/cost.

        Mmm, got that bundle and immediately traded in both games for Vanquish and... uh... Hyperdimensional Neptunia (don't judge me) instead. Great bundle, already have a box, but finally wanted all three consoles in one generation under my roof.

        Also, Blu Rays!

          blu ray is awesome! nearly everyone these days has HD TV's but most people still watch DVD's on them, so lame. Once you go blu, you don't go back.

        Good Choice - I have a 360 and it died for the 3rd time yesterday ! RROD.

        Might try and sell every bit of 360 software and hardware i have and put it towards a PS3.

    Doesn't seem like much of a shock.

    I held off buying a PS3 until the slim came out. The original price point for the system was too high and it has always been higher than the competitors.

    With so many multiplatform titles out there, it seemed easier to just take the cheaper option of getting a 360. Now the price has dropped to the point where people can buy it for the exclusives.

      Yeah, me too. Plus this is an excellent time to get a console if you don't have one - fantastic games that've been out a while are pretty cheap, and you can build up an impressive backlog for only a few hundred $.

    WOuld be nice if the games would show some form of a price drop :/

      Since PS3 games AREN'T region locked, your wallet will be happier shopping overseas. :)
      Purchasing content might be a problem however (only applies to US/JP games, or games not released here).

      e.g. Buying a US version of Call of Duty means you need a US PSN account to buy DLC, but not actually play.
      Buying a copy of Mortal Kombat from the UK means you need a UK (or another country which MK9 was released in) PSN account to buy the DLC.

        Also note that an AU PSN account will work fine with a UK game (since we are in the SCEE region).
        It's unfortunate, however, that the size of the SCEE region means we get a lower/slower selection of DLC and other games compared to our peers in America and Japan... :(

          The account doesn't matter at all, it only matters when it comes to DLC which is probably what you meant, but in any case not ALL UK games DLC works with australia DLC.

    I'm planning to pick up a PS3, have been for a while but the drop accellerated plans, but I'm still in no rush.
    Anyone know if PS3s are region-locked for DVDs?

      Yep. DVD is locked to Region 4.

      Region locked for DVDs and Blurays. But most Blurays are region free bar a couple of studios (Fox from memory).

      But for Bluray we are the same region as UK/EU so its not so bad. Just can't buy blurays from US unless they are confirmed to be region free.

      The regions for blu ray cover a much larger area though.

      As you can see, at least we can import from the U.K and Europe hassle free

      Shop on uk stores for blu rays, is the easiest. they are the same region, have a much larger library, and are generally cheaper even with the dollar v pound exchange rates.

    i got a second one for our house $262 from BigW because a relative works at Woolworths and it was 10% off for employees on the week end :)

    I had to buy one a week before the price drop :(

    I payed somewhere around the $750 mark for my ps3 in 2008 with a gta4 launch bundle. Never looked back and probably the best $750 I have ever spent. Gets used for a media center/TV more rathen than gaming, but its constant use the past >3 years has more than justified the price to me

      Yeah, I paid a similar price at a similar time for mine. Worth every penny. If I didn't already have one, I'd leap all over these latest deals.

      I paid the same on boxing day 2007, but it YLOD'd last year, so I did a quick youtube fix and traded it for a slim version, but boy how I miss my big one. They looked way better. Plus (even though it died) it felt of way higher quality than the slim ones.

      I paid $500 on launch after PS2 trade in with 10 games (my first and LAST purchase from Game). Equal best console I have owned, along side the PS1. Even my Atari, Mega Drive and PS2 didn't have the great gaming experiences I have had with my PS3.

      Good to hear more people enjoying the PS3, crying shame this great console was so expensive for so long.

    Biggest news here is that there's a NPD Group Australia now. ;)

    I want one, I'm holding back for any Xmas Sony HDTV + PS3 bundles though. I also want to pick up an XBOX 360 once the prices drop.

      Will they still have those given the price drop? I always though the reason they did that bundle was because the PS3 was really expensive back then.

    This is great value and just in time for the release of ICO and SOTC. I will now purchase my first Sony console.

    I saw trolleys of them going for $299 at Big W and felt a temptation to buy one, and I already own one!

    I'd been holding off, but for under $300 it was too hard to resist. Hell, I paid $200 for a SNES all those years ago. PS3 is fun so far, and even if it becomes a BD player/media centre, it's good value.

    Got my PS3 2nd hand pre-pricedrop, now waiting for pricedrop on non-retarded 360.

    I am planning to get one, but with lots of things on pre-order/layby it makes it hard. I'm hoping to get it for the $298 price.

    So guys I am a bit at a lost here? Which file size ps3 slim should I get.. the 160gb one or the 320gb one? please recommend!!

      The 160gb, the extra $100 for another 160gb isn't really worth the money. It'd be better value to just buy a much larger HDD with that $100.

      Also anyone else spot the 360GB typo?

    Yep, we held of buying one but the price drop sold us. Picked one up yesterday from JB for $298.

    I bought one after the price drop!

    Well, actually the day before - JB Hifi actually recommended I not buy until the following day because they were going to drop the price...and then let me preorder and pay the lower price (in order to take the PS3 home the next day).

    It was odd. And annoying because I wanted to play it THAT day (I know, total #firstworldproblem)

    Where's my 20 free games for being an early adopter?

    PS3's sucky launch titles and general N64-esque lineup of games has caused the console's sales to suffer greatly, but since the market has changed and another generation of consoles has no demand, things should be great over the next 4 years.

    Traded in Wii and ~15 games for a PS3 and $50 store credit at EB Games. Very happy so far!

    Sold my 360 to get a PS3 today!!

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