PlayStation Vita Hits Japan On Dec 17

During the kick off to the Tokyo Game Show tonight, Sony said that the PlayStation Vita will be hitting Japan on December 17.


    Wow, two lines? Really?
    Don't outdo yourself Kotaku.

      Kotaku US is basically a twitter stream. I'm not surprised by this article's content.

    24,980 yen for a Wi-fi only model and 29,980 yen. So that's around $315 AUD for wifi version and $377 for 3g/wifi version! I reckon it will be $349 for wifi version, and $399 for 3g/wifi. But that's being generous, knowing Sony it will most likely be $399 for wifi version and $449 for 3g/wifi version :p

      I think in the US the PSV price (the wifi-only version, I think) is the same as the 3DS launch price (i.e. before the price cut). So it wouldn't surprise me to see that policy adopted here, too, which would mean... $349?

    if they price it 50 dollars more than the US so 300 for WiFi and 350 for 3G it will sell more.

    Also wonder who is going to be the carrier for Australia. Most likely be Telstra, so i guess the plans would be 40-50 dollars a month for 12 months and 25-35 for 24 months plan.

    I'm curious to see how the prices will be for the aussies. I'm liking what I hear about this, not to mention a few titles I'd love to play, so I'm hoping they don't go overboard with pricing both on the handheld and the games.

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