Police Chief Used Department's Only Computer For Video Games

Doug Foster, who has been the Police Chief of Umatilla, Florida, for the past 19 years, has been suspended for 10 days after a litany of complaints against him by staff.

While he's been accused of bullying, refusing to attend crime scenes and "having his staff run his personal errands", the first offence listed on the local Daily Commercial's report of his suspension is that he "hogged the department's only computer to play online video games".

Were he playing Police Quest, above, and learning the hard way that you have to do things by the book or you die, that'd be OK! Looking at the rap list he's facing, though, I'd say that's probably not the case.

Umatilla police chief suspended [dailycommercial, via Game Politics]


    "You quickly trade your integrity for a shot at cheap thrills and torrid sex!"

    Sounds like a fair swap to me.

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