Poster Says Battlefield 3's Xbox 360 Version Comes On Two Discs

A Japanese promotional poster for the upcoming Battlefield 3 contains a few extra details we weren't aware of before. Like, say, the fact the Xbox 360 version of the game will ship on two discs.

That's all the info that can be gleaned from the pic, so there's no idea just what content is spread across the two discs, or whether the poster is even accurate.

At a guess, though, I'd say one disc would have to contain the "campaign" stuff (singleplayer and co-op) while the other would have all the multiplayer content on it. Anything else would be bananas.

While the fact the Xbox 360 is becoming increasingly unable to keep games to a single disc is a pain in the arse, at least in this case it's not too big a deal. It's not like you'll be changing discs in between multiplayer maps. We hope.

We've contacted EA for clarification, and will update if we hear back.

『バトルフィールド3』は字幕と吹き替え切り替えが可能!Xbox360版は2枚組でディスクチェンジが楽しめる! [はちま起稿]


    Surely if anything it would be as suspected with the multiplayer on seperate disc to campaign...

    No big deal really.

    I've pre-ordered for PS3 anyway.

    I don't mind having 2 discs, one for single player and one for multiplayer. It's not like it's hard to get up and put in a different disc anyway.

      Agreed. It's as if Luke is saying every second game has this problem on the 360. I've only ever encountered this three times, four if you include Halo ODST.

      No doubt it will be more common towards to the end of the 360s lifecycle, but if people are that concerned, I'll be really worried about the healthy of said gamers.

      Besides, although I've never played a Battlefield campaign, who really buys these games to play it? It's all about multiplayer - you could call the campaign a bonus with some games.

        Actually a lot of people like SP. I hate the fact that games are so MP focused now, what ever happened to games having a story? or a campaign that lasts longer then a couple of hours

          Since when did anyone buy a Battlefield game purely for the Campaign? Battlefield has, & always will be, about the multiplayer.

        do yourself a favour and play Bad Company 1 single player. infinitely better than COD4 (if you minus out the sniper mission in COD4, as that was really the only stellar part in that game). no linear, hand holding BS. go through whatever door you want, to whatever house you want. come in the back way if you can be bothered, it is up to you.

    Couldn't care less, its not like opening the disc tray requires any effort at all.

    what is wrong with 2 discs? is this another case of trying to make controversy out of nothing.

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