Production Company Looking For ‘King Of The Nerds’

Production Company Looking For ‘King Of The Nerds’

An LA production company is looking for nerds for a new reality show called “King of the Nerds”. If you think you’ve got what it takes, Lindsay Casting ( wants you to drop a line.

From the producers of MYTHBUSTERS, SURVIVOR and AMAZING RACE comes a new competition-based show embracing and celebrating passionate and intellectual guys and girls 21- to 30-years-old. Showcase your skills by competing on topics you already know and win big money!


Are you a GAMER who owns every console and maxes out trophies and achievements? Do you have an outrageous collection of TOYS and/or COMIC BOOKS? Are you passionate about MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, etc? Do you build ROBOTS and write APPS and PROGRAMS for fun? Do you consider yourself a MAKER or DIY person? Have you ever been to BURNING MAN? Are you obsessed with SUPER HEROES? Are you a D&D or WoW fanatic? Do you love everything SCI-FI? Are you ARDUINO proficient? Are you in MENSA?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above or you consider yourself a geek or nerd and are between the ages of 21 to 30, then audition today!


Include your name, age, photo, contact info, and brief bio on what you today’s MOST INGENIOUS nerd!


While I must confess to a bit of trepidation about pointing you guys in this casting director’s direction (for everyone involved), I’d feel bad if one of the Kotaku readers out there missed their big moment in the sun because I was afraid you were going to look like a dork on television. It’s your life! Do us proud!


  • Sounds innocent enough but it may be a trap for those who would enter. And those who end up on the show may find themselves presented on TV in a humilating manner, not the pro-nerd gameshow-mentary that it seems here.

    • I get a bit of a modern freak show vibe here too. Cant laugh at the physically disabled anymore so they bring out us app writing, robot building, comic book admiring shut ins to parade around. My mum and my wife say I’m cool, my kids like the robots!!

      • Your wife and your mum are actually legally obliged to say you’re cool, though.

        Also, kudos to whoever made that image for the top of the article.

  • Wait, since when was going to “Burning Man” a nerd thing? It always looked more like a hippy/artsy thing.

  • All the nerds in this will be ‘Hollywood Ugly’ ie. totally normal slim guy with glasses and just happens to play WoW or something. Aka pretty much the cast for Big Bang Theory.

    “You want to see the King Nerd? Sorry, you’ll have to go see him, he can’t fit through his bedroom door.”

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