Proposed Law Would Require Mugshot When You Sell Used Games

Proposed Law Would Require Mugshot When You Sell Used Games

In Oregon, when I trade my games in, I’m required to certify there is no lien against them, like the IRS wants my copy of NCAA Football 11. It’s one of the many fun-filled ways in which local ordinances regulate the sale of used games. Madison, Wisconsin, is scheming up another.

A proposed ordinance would have retailers collect personal information from those who sell used items — games, among them. Doesn’t sound intrusive. Well, a goddamn photo of you will be taken. And entered into a police database. This is where all of you who bitch about the ACLU suddenly find it to be your best friend, because they are hot on the case.

Like many such ordinances, this one is aimed at actual miscreants — thieves, burglars, drug addicts, etc — who don’t give a crap about the civil liberties it violates and will probably connive a way around it anyway.

Civil liberties advocates note that the law doesn’t prohibit local police from building a suspect profile out of information from its used games/movies database. Further, nothing prohibits the cops from sharing it with federal or state law enforcement.

The proposal passed a city council committee on Wednesday. It has yet to go to a vote of the full board.

Crime and Courts: Proposed resale shop ordinance raises Big Brother concerns [Source via Game Politics]


  • what a dumb idea. ‘Hey, lets make people feel bad for getting ride of stuff they don’t want anymore!’ what a DUMB idea.

    • That’s a very one dimensional though process. This is aimed more at the criminals who break into people’s homes and steal their stuff, including video games, then trade them in. Theoretically this will catch criminals.
      Whilst I do agree, as a law abiding citizen, that this is a little strange and would be annoying, I appreciate the attempt to think outside the box

      • Guilty until proven innocent?
        If Im not doing anything wrong then why should I be screened and treated like a potential criminal?

        • I’m at two minds about this actually..

          I LOATHE any attempt at intrusion of privacy.

          At the same time it would be nice to actually be able to *trace back* the jack-asses responsible for reselling/trading in stuff stolen

          Case in point when my house was raided years ago and pretty much 90% of my PS2 collection and console went bye bye the last game I was playing was .Hack/Sign 2. Was still in the console when it was taken.. but the case and anime DVD was one of the few stuff left behind

          Fast forward a few months later in EBGames and I notice a copy of .Hack/Sign 2 for sale. Just the game. No Case, no manual no anime cd. Just the game.

          Now.. Hack/Sign was never printed in big numbers in au and to have the game just “turn up” in the preowned just by itself smacks far too much of coincidence.. Unfortunately since it’s an old trade in it can’t really be traced back to who sold it. So i’m literally rebuying the game stolen from me =/

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