Psychonauts Gets Big Update, Achievements, Mac Version

Like, totally out of nowhere, Double Fine just hit us with an update to "excellent game" Psychonauts, adding cloud saves, achievements and support for Mac OS X. Additionally, there's a "slightly modified Meat Circus".

"We are really excited," said Double Fine president Tim Schafer in a press release, "to finally be answering fans' requests for a more difficult Meat Circus."

The developer of Psychonauts has also released the Psychonauts Vault Viewer! app for iOS, a free download that lets touchscreen devices users and Pyschonauts enthusiasts "peruse the deepest, most secret thoughts of the game's characters, while listening to newly-recorded commentary from Scott Campbell and Tim Schafer."

Psychonauts for PC and Mac is now available, with SteamPlay support, on the Steam store for $US9.99.


    Lets hope all proceeds from Double Fine self-publishing goes to the Psychonauts 2 fund. :D

      I owuld settle for a "get existing double fine games on PC' fund


    How big is the update?

      About 2570mb

    Hm, I may actually be able to see what all the fuss is about now. xD

    Wonder if this will address any of the performance issues mentioned on the Psychonauts steam forums . . .

    Oh poo.

    Here I was thinking that I'd be getting my Gears on this weekend.

    I hate to chickenheartedly give into internet clich├ęs, but

    Hmmmm, looks like i'll be buying Psychonauts again.

    I am the milkman, my milk is delicious.

    Been meaning to play Psychonauts for years. This is the final push to get me there.

    played through psychonauts on my x360 a couple years ago. quality game. The 'milkman' stage was definitely my favourite (along with everyone else). Only real criticism would be after getting all the collectables only getting a good but short bonus scene. Wanted more game!!!!! Psychonauts 2..... and Brutal Legend 2! please..

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