Punch A Fish Right In Its Smug Little Face With Rapala For Kinect

When your trailer depicts a young man delivering a furious rain of punches down upon a potential seafood platter and the words "Incredibly Fun Fish Battles" your marketing is pretty much complete.

I'm almost completely serious. Having tried fishing at various stages in my life with the only constants being a complete failure to catch anything and having to take a mid-afternoon nap, I'm ready to get down into the water and demonstrate the effectiveness of fists over fins as bludgeoning weapons. This could only be more enticing if the game let you squeeze a virtual fish until it exploded.

But Rapala for Kinect isn't just about wrestling with your catch. It's an arcade-style fishing game with an emphasis on speed, both in the 45-second catch clock to the high-velocity speedboat races between prime fishing spots. It's about making goofy hand gestures to bend the fish to your will.

"Pro-anglers and family gamers will go crazy for the immersive fishing experience presented in a familiar arcade style format," said David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision Publishing. "Rapala for Kinect captures a simple and straightforward aesthetic with an emphasis on play!"

Play, bending fish to your will; same thing. Your living room because an aquatic battle arena in November.


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