Red Dead Redemption Cast Members Reunite For A Live-Action Horror Movie

A whole bunch of the stars of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption are getting back together to shoot a live-action horror movie set in the Wild West. In a brothel. With zombies.

The movie's called From the Trailer to the Grave, and is directed by K. Harrison Sweeney. It stars, among others, Steve J. Palmer and Brad Carter (Bill Williamson and Deputy Jonah respectively) of Red Dead Redemption fame. Of more interest, perhaps, is the fact it also stars Rob Wiethoff, the man who provided the voice for Mr. John Marston in the game.

The movie is currently in production, with a Kickstarter page having been put together to raise funds for a short version to be shipped around to film festivals.

It's a page you may want to consider contributing to. Why? Because if you donate $US100 or more you can get a personalised Red Dead Redemption answering machine message, that's why.

Promote "Undead Lovers" at Film Festivals! [Kickstarter]


    To bad most people don't use answering machines anymore :S

    I here this film was shot RIGHT HERE IN WYOMING

    This film, shot RIGHT HERE IN WYOMING


    She was really adamant that we learn that fact wasn't she...

    Will the movie have sickening amounts of McDonlads adds through it also , just liek Kotaku at the moment.


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