Regulator Orders Canadian Cable Giant To Stop Throttling Online Games

Regulator Orders Canadian Cable Giant To Stop Throttling Online Games

Last week, Rogers Cable and Telecom, Canada’s largest cable provider, admitted that its network monitors may “inadvertently” throttle traffic of customers playing online games. “Inadvertently” or otherwise, Canada’s telecommunications regulator has told Rogers to knock it off.

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission cited Rogers’ own policy, which claims that online games like World of Warcraft should not be throttled, in telling the company it has until Sept. 27 to present a plan that keeps WoW traffic, and that of other games, unthrottled.

The CRTC also reminded Rogers that it has instituted a policy that forbids Internet providers from throttling online traffic during peak hours without prior approval of the commission. In a statement Friday, Rogers said it had already corrected the problem with Warcraft traffic and wasn’t aware of problems with other games.

The directive against Rogers came after the Canadian Gamers organisation filed a complaint against Rogers last month, accusing the cable giant of deliberately throttling game traffic. Rogers said game traffic might have been “misclassified” by its network monitoring, especially if gamers were running other peer-to-peer communications alongside their gaming. The CGO scoffed at that explanation. CGO head Jason Koblovsky told the Calgary Herald he suspects the problem goes beyond Rogers, and he will ask the CRTC to widen its probe.

CRTC tells Rogers to stop slowing down the speed of online games [Calgary Herald via Blue’s News]


  • Good on NZ and CGO!

    I wish our own ACCC or whatever actually had some power to do this back in the days of Sol era Telstra where almost every internet connection on any area they didn’t upgrade (ie. almost ALL OF THEM) would just get shafted and throttled because of “high demand” during peak.

    Funny how w/ NBN looming in the horizon Telstra suddenly got very busy upgrading a majority of their RIMs and whatnots as of the past two years or so..

    • I despise Australian services; in England every company offers Unlimited internet. There is no such thing as capped or slowed down internet, regardless of demand or cost.

  • Australia’s telecommunication industry is a joke, not an amusing one might I add. When I can go to a third world country and have constant reception in a village yet be standing in a city in Australia staring at a mobile tower with little to no reception there’s a serious issue. Our infrastructure in regards to broadband and mobile reception is pitiful, even more so when you take into account how much we pay for these services. Oh and yes I’m with Optus (The modern day asshole of the telecommunications industry). 🙁 *cries*

    • “Oh and yes I’m with Optus”

      Your previous sentences are now redundant, lol…

      Now that Telstra [while by no means perfect!] have competitive pricing with Optus, I can safely say it was the best move I have ever made. Optus are cheap, but they make up that cost with little to no customer support, and almost no investment in backhaul at all. Of course the can offer super cheap 5GB/month plans, when it is impossible to even use it! lol

      • Every now and then Telstra call up and try to convince me to “change over” my internet. I tell them flat out I’m not in their league. If I’m bored I’ll run them through step by step why I’m getting twice the bandwidth for half the price they’re offering.

        • Meh… the last sucker who tried that on door to door.

          I said “I have unlimited DL so unless you can match that don’t bother” The guy promptly left =P

    • I would like to know which third world country you’re talking about. I’m with Telstra and I get reception everywhere. Even all along the Hume highway from Melbourne to Sydney but you would expect the busiest highway in Australia to have mobile coverage.

  • I’m on Telstra’s fastest broadband plan – 100mbps down but still some youtube videos don’t load as you would expect. I do watch them all in the higest quality available however at times I am forced to pause as I wait for the video to load. Could that be a result of throttling somewhere in the network?

  • Some videos are just messed up for no reason and load slowly, and I don’t think it’s because too many people are viewing it at the same time or anything though. Not sure what the cause is, might be something to do with the codecs/options chosen to encode/finish the video by the user before it was uploaded to youtube.

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