Remember This? [UPDATED]

Can you remember the game from this partition of a screenshot? A record may have been broken yesterday when someone guessed the game within two minutes, so I upped the difficulty! If no one guesses the game by 2pm I'll update the post with another screenshot.

Here's a clue:


    Corporate Tycoon: 1967
    Mahogany Desk Edition.


    Kind of looks like the training room in Perfect Dark.

      I'd agree, but I think the lines in there were white, not yellow.

        Yeah it does look a lot like that. I agree that I thought them to be white but I could be wrong, or it is a picture of something similar, just a different game

    Space Quest 5


    Shoulder from Too Human

    A more serious guess...

    Eternal Darkness?

      I guessed eternal darkness too. I have no idea why though :\

        Similar colour tones to the cover art and there are section in a mansion so paintings wouldn't be out of place?

        I don't know, that's as far as an attempt at logical reasoning will go. In all honesty it was a wild guess.

    looks the yellow lines on a parking lot to me..

    Looks a bit like the blue with gold piping uniforms the alliance military use in Mass Effect

    Looks like the roof or wall from one of the mansions in the Thief games. Probably 2 would be my guess.

    looks like a shoulder plate, not sure what from though, war40k?

    Resident Evil

    Ahh, now that's more like it.

    I want to say Space Quest 5, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

    That's not a game... It's your tiled kitchen floor.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    This is brilliant!
    I'm so freakin' stumped right now.

    Blast Chamber?

    Myst maybe?

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