Remember This? [UPDATED]

Can you remember the game from this part of box art? Commence the guessing! If no one has the correct answer by 2pm I'll post another image as a clue. If no one gets it by the end of the day, I'll buy myself a cookie. [Update: I should clarify that this box art, not an in-game screenshot.]


    Die Hard Trilogy on PS1

      I second this. DH Trilogy. PS1.,r:2,s:0

      If that is correct, that is under 1 minute!

        i didn't recognize it but now i totally do, that was such a sweet game i still have mine with the lime green konami gun =D

    Ocarina of Time on N64, without much conviction.

    I don't think you gould get away with posting an image of such an iconic game and still hope for a cookie.

    Magnons lava arena in FX Fighter?

    Final Fantasy 7, when sephiroth walks into the fire?

      Aw dammit, I wasn't quick enough.


      When I read your post the music from that part of the game instantly came to my mind.

    The Strange World of Arthur Brown Part 1: Fire

      I would buy this game.

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

    Solar Winds.

    Lylat Wars or Sin and Punishment

    Berlin Burns, the point and click adventure for the whole family!

    Breath of Fire 3!

    Resident evil 2

    I thought Lylat Wars. Either one of the Sectors or Solar.

    Syphon Filter is my guess

    final fantasy 7? Sephiroth walks through flames?

    For some reason Im thinking Dirge of Cerberus....

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