Remember This? [UPDATED]

Can you remember the game just by looking at this part of a screenshot? Insert your memories into the comments to see if you're right! As usual, a clue will go up at 2pm if no one guesses it. GO GO GO!


    Full Throttle, although I think most of the time the scenery was more detailed.

    Looks like California Games heh



    Super Hang On

      Damn, beat me too it.

      I thought it was Outrun, now i'll have to think of a new guess!

    The train level on Bubsy?

      It struck me after awhile as well..

      The sky is very similar...,382603/

    International Karate?
    Or similar Karate themed game on the C64?

    UN Squadron (SNES)

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles on Genesis.
    Green hill zone, second act where the place gets set on fire :D

    That yellow and gold look? Visible pixels?

    Deus Ex Human Revolution!

    Tiny Toon Adventures on the SNES?

    UN Squadron on SNES

    Stab in the dark:
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The adventure game

      Nah I reckon fate of Atlantis - desert balloon fight


    or a scene from Dune II?

      my thoughts as well..
      Personally i would say Dune 1 as it had alot more "graphics" in it compared to Dune II which was limited to the opening and odd here and there cut-scenes

    Zelda on Nes.

    Clusters Revenge

    Super Mario Kart

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