Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this small part of a screenshot? Test your gaming knowledge (and memory) by leaving a guess in the comments! If no one guesses it by 2pm I'll put up a clue. Good luck!


    THE BOX!

      What's in the box, in the box, what's in the box todaaaay.

    The colour scheme looks very Amiga... Paradroid 90?

      Yep, that was gonna be my guess.

      !!!!! You're right. It's Paradroid for the Amiga.

      I guess my "No on guesses it until 2pm so I have to post a clue" streak had to come to an end at some point. Well done, [doa] -- you win, THIS TIME!

        Unfortunately it never ran on my B2000 and it was one of the few times I was envious of the A500 owners.

      I loved playing Paradroid on the C64. Never realised there was a version for the Amiga. Great game.

      You can download a remake at, or a more accurate clone at

      Freedroid even has a Linux version available, for those Linux gamers out there (includes me).

        Ahh yes an old favourite. Running around with a 476 - great firepower and didn't burn out too quick - was so addictive.

        Never did finish it though.


    We go from a 2-colourscheme picture to a 1-colourscheme picture and people still guess it within 30 minutes?


    Tomorrow...finally a single pixel or just a blank square with one shapes or anything

    Can we get some games from the mid 90's Tracey?

    Paradroid was in one of those 'best hacking mini-games' lists that was on Kotaku a week back or so I believe.

    Looked hella fun!

    Does DOA win an Amiga A500?? :D

    Link to the original pic? I seem to fail at googling for it.

    I think we're getting closer to the day we get a one-pixel first clue, and a two-pixel second clue.

    Someone will still get it at 4:59pm.

    As an idea, maybe a sound clip version of remember this? Would be fun..

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