Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this part of box art? It's time to try and remember those things that games came in before we started buying everything off Steam and guess the game of the day — if no one gets it by 2pm I'll put up a clue. If I forget to put up a clue by 2pm then someone needs to yell at me until I do.


    I'm calling Clayfighter on the SNES.

      Duke Nuken Forever.

        Sorry, Ynefel. I'm having a retarded day and accidentally clicked reply.

          Well at least your reply wasn't retarded - that's something, right?

          I dunno. I replied to myself about accidentally clicking reply, and spelt Duke Nukem wrong.

          I don't think gets worse than that.

            It does, they made the entire last Duke Nukem GAME wrong...

        Hmm close

    Street fighter. Possibly 2? On the snes?

    It looks... strangely erotic.


    n64 wrestling game --wcwvsnwo revenge

    reminds me of barbarian 2 drax revenge - but we had that recently

    Cho Aniki?

      I should have done that instead! But alas, I did not, and the game is different.

    That is one beefy bicep...mmm beef.

      I didn't see it as an arm. I keep seeing the hindquarter and tail of a dog running to the right...

      (could also be a reply to Nuddy)

        It might not be an arm but honestly, even after you've described it, I cannot see a dog in there. At all...

          I'm a graphic designer by the way. Seriously.

            So the dog has a tumour at the base of it's tail?

              [arnie] It's not a tumour [/arnie]

              Yeah, I don't know. It's just what I saw. Maybe it's running so fast it's blurring.

                Good work on picking up the Arnie quote, you would have been shunned if you missed it.

                Possibly, I just can't think of any game that would have a running dog on the cover :/ we'll just see what the next update is I guess..

    I reckon it's going to turn out to NOT be a bicep.. it's a trick I say! A TRICK!

      that being said, there is a part of me that really, really wants it to be Johnny Cage Bloodstorm!

    Is this another Scarlett Johansson picture?

    Still thinking, but just wanted to say this is an excellent example of a "Remember This?" clue. Has enough detail to be distinct, but still has us scratching our heads =).

    James Pond isn't it?

    Its a close up of a face -maybe a bunny - animaniacs???

      Bubsy or conker - nose in middle - yellow arch is an eye!

    I love how someone always says "worms" whenever I put a "Remember This" up. Maybe one day I should actually do a worms game. :)

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