Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this screenshot? Today's "Remember This?" recommendation comes from a former Kotaku editor. The ghost of David Wildgoose lives on. So if it's too easy, you can blame him. If it's too hard, you can blame him. If it's just right, you may give me credit for my excellent cropping skills. A clue will go up at 2pm if no one guesses it!


    Farcry 2.

      Knowing Wildgoose...


        Yup, the sole reason for that guess :p

          I fear he may be leading us on a Wildgoose chase.

    Ninja Gaiden?

    Kane & Lynch 2?

    Perfect Dark or Jet Force Gemini on N64

    Syndicate Wars?

    Syndicate Wars

    Oddworld Abe's Oddysee

    Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 (thinking the early spaceport level)

    Future Cop: LAPD?

    A Barbie game?


    System Shock.


      System Shock 2's first level outside the recruitment centre?

    Purple Square with Diagonal Line: The Game

    Blade Runner

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