Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this part of box art? Yep, we're moving away from the usual screenshot today and seeing if you recognise box art, so leave your guess in the comments!


    Jagged Alliance 2 front cover?

    for reals?!

    I'll I can see is an anal probe.

    an alien game?


    Remind anyone else of Twisted Metal?

    Grim fandango

      bahaha i was going to post this purely based on that it's an awesome game and i'm trying to bring it back :P

    Golden Eye 64...

    or Perfect Dark 64?

    maybe lol

    Worms, Full Throttle and James Pond are games that people keep suggesting almost every day -- I really should just do a Worms, Full Throttle and James Pond game, should I?

      I guess Contra?

      Also, as these things are making me go blind what about for a different 'Remember This?' getting a snippet of some in-game music or a sound effect?

    Star fox?

    Goldeneye N64 ?

    Gunship 2000? Someone should remake that game.

      Although you know they'll just make it into a visceral FPS.

    Looks vaguely like one of the Crusader games, maybe Crusader: No Regret.

    It's definitely Goldeneye N64!

    I can't remember, it hurts to try.

    Metal Gear!

    I don't think it's going to be a gun, it kinda looks like a tire iron, so I'm thinking some from of sidescroll beat'em'up

    ... Contra.

    Streets of Rage

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