Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this part of box art? Yep, we're moving away from the usual screenshot today and seeing if you recognise box art, so leave your guess in the comments!


    I know it! I know exactly what it is!

    Now I'm just going to wait and see if anyone else guesses it...

      I call your bluff *pushes chips in*


    technocop? I only played the amiga version on my 500.... loved it though! Though the jumping kid at the start always annoyed the hell out of me..... the net mode on the gun was quite helpful :p

    Looks like the cover of some dodgy romance novel.

    Beneath a Steel Sky

    Makes me think of Buck Rogers (another Doom clone), but I don't think the box art was like that

    I don't think anyone's guessed Space Ace yet, but that's probably because it's not.

    The 2nd one reminds me of rise of the triad kinda...

    Well, it's 5pm. So here's the answer:,15506/

    Thank god i dont have to keep searching and can get back to work now.

    Going to go out on a limb here and ask... Was this game released in Australia?

      GameSpot says unreleased in Australia.

      Also gave the game 3.9/10 and described it as feeling like "unfinished shareware".

      See, I knew it has a 90s PC game feel!

      However, since yet again it's a game I had no chance in hell of actually knowing, I feel better that I didn't guess it.

    Does anyone actually remember this game at all? It was released in Australia and for the GBA. So... I guess the game is played how they want and I guess most of you probably enjoy it but Im always hoping for stuff I go "OHHHH Yeah! I remember that Gee!" instead of "wtf is this?"

    Maybe thats just me I guess.

      wasn't* released in..

      Need an edit button dammit.

    Oh fine I'll go less obscure next time. :P

      i challenge you to try an extremely popular game and get it past us.

    Haha wow it doesn't even look real! Just a dodgy Star Trek rip-off.

    Impossible Mission

    Wolfenstein 3D no questions

    Wolfenstein 3D

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